Ayyubid Civilization Saladin

MC's Oman Civilization Saif bin Sultan

The Anglo-Saxons Alfred

The Commonwealth of Iceland Ingolfur Arnarson

The Confederation of Switzerland Lord Dufour

The Empire of Germany Hitler

The Empire of Great Britain Victoria

The Empire of Japan Tojo

The Empire of Russia Nicholas II

The Empire of Russia Peter the Great

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Gediminas

The Khazar Khaganate Bulan

The Kingdom of Armenia Tiridates III

The Kingdom of Bavaria Ludwig II

The Kingdom of Belgium Albert

The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway Christian IV

The Kingdom of France  Louis XIV

The Kingdom of Hungary Stephen

The Kingdom of Italy Mussolini

The Kingdom of Norway Haakon Haakonsson

The Kingdom of Prussia Frederick

The Kingdom of Scotland James VI

The Kingdom of Francia Charlemagne

The Kingdom of The Vandals Genseric

The Papal States Pius IX

The Republic of Carthage Hannibal

The Soviet Union Stalin

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Lenin

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Churchill

The United States of America Lincoln

The Kingdom of Bohemia Vaclav II

The Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania Casimir III

The Holy Roman Empire Charles V

The Germans Arminius

The Duchy of Milan Gian Galeazzo

The Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont Victor Emmanuel II

The Republic of France (de Gaulle) Charles

The United States of America Roosevelt

The Nri Kingdom Eri

The County of Flanders Robrecht III

The Republic of Poland Pilsudski

The Kingdom of England Henry VIII

The Grand Principality of Muscovy Ivan IV

The Merchant of Novgorod Lord Aleksandr

The Empire of Japan Meiji

The United Kingdom of Sweden-Norway Oscar II

The Dominion of New Zealand Chief Seddon

The Duchy of Normandy William I

The Empire Byzantium Alexios I Komnenos

The Turks Mehmed II

The Empire of Sweden Karl XII

The Kingdom of Egypt Hatshepsut

The Kingdom of Egypt Akhenaten

The Kingdom of Egypt Djoser

The Archduchy of Austria Joseph II

The Kingdom of Two Sicilies Ferdinand

The Electorate Saxony Frederick Augustus

The Empire of Russia Alexander

The Russian Federation Putin

The Empire of Rome Constantine

The United Kingdom George V

MC's Ashanti Civilization Osei Tutu

The Republic of France Clemenceau

The Kingdom of Italy Victor Emmanuel III

The United States Theodore Roosevelt

The Duchy of Burgundy Philip III

The Kingdom of Bhutan Jigme Dorji Wangchuck

The Buccanners Henry Morgan the Pious

The Empire of Afghanistan Sheikh Ahmad Shah Durrani

Sukitract's Burmese Civilization Anawrahta

The Empire of Spain Philip II

Sukitract's Calusa Civilization Caalus

The Kalmar Union Margerethe

Sukitract's Chinookan Civilization Comcomly

The Kingdom of Portugal Afonso

Sukitract's Egyption Civilization Narmer

The High Kingdom of Ireland Brian Boru

TarcisioCM's The Hyksos Apophis

The State of Deseret Brigham Young

MC and LITE's Nubia Piye

The Ptolemies Cleopatra

The Garamantes Djalla

The Empire of Serbia Stefan Dusan

MC's Gallic Civilization Vercingetorix

The Principality of Wallachia Vlad III Tepes

Papal States Papal Duke Innocent III

Etruscan Civilization Tyrrhenus

Sicily Roger II

Kongo Nzinga Mbande

Sri Lanka Parakramabahu

Mexican Civilization Guadalupe Victoria

Sukitract's Three Affiliated Tribes Four Bears

MC's Greek Civilization Split Leonidas, Pericles, Alexander, Attalus

MC's Seleucids Seleucus

Bactria Demetrius

Australian Civilization John Curtin

Mexican Civilization Benito Juárez

Cuba Civilization Fidel Castro

Zapotec Civilization Elder Cosijoeza

South Africa Civilization Elder Nelson Mandela

Anishinaabe Pontiac

Greenland Civilization Erik the Red

Philippines Civilization Jose Rizal

Canadian Dominion Lord Lester B. Pearson

Blackfoot Civilization Crowfoot

Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis

The Olmec U Kix Chan

Kulin Aboriginal Civilization William Barak

Kimberley Aboriginal Civilization Jandamarra

Vietnam Civilization The Trung Sisters

GPuzzle's The Shogunate of Japan Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Argentine Republic José de San Martín

HoopThrower's Chile Salvador Allende

Peru Civilization  Ramón Castilla

DMS's The Faroe Islands  Tróndur í Gøtu

Mez's U.S.A. Obama

Wales Owain Glyndwr

America Donald J. Trump

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