[1] Trufffade Adder ✔

[2] Pegassi Zentorno

[3] Bravado Buffalo ✔

[4] Vapid Dominator

[5] Bravado Buffalo S

[6] Imponte Phoenix

[7] Pegassi Vacca

[8] Bravado Banshee

[9] Progen T20

[10] Grotti Carbonizzare

[11] Vapid Interceptor

[12] Grotti X80 Proto

[13] Imponte Ruiner

[14] Pegassi Reaper

[15] Bravado Paradise

[16] Bravado Gauntlet

---------------------------------------------------- NOT VEHICLES -----------------------------------------------------

[17] Zombie Mod

[18] Stop Certain Cars from Dissapearing

[19] Purchase all cars in sp

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