Greece is a new land in the Skyrim mod "Greek Nightmares". It is homeland to all Demigods and Gods, Although the gods currently reside in Eastern Cyrodiil. You may discover of the locations in the image you may discover: Delphi, Athens, Olympia, and Thebos. Also on the way to Greece (which is actually under Akavir) from Skyrim you take a stop in the middle of the ocean. Their is a sea monster (giant mudcrab). Hermes gives you his boots so you may walk on the water. Thats the first sea monster, as their is a second. A giant slaughterfish. Hermes is gone by now so you have to use Apollo's bow to snipe the monstrosity. Their are plenty new NPCs but none are important. Just inn keepers, traders etc (they sell celestial bronze aswell as other Greek treasures). This time Apollo appears in person (wearing headphones, listening to music from iTunes) but then said "Oh sorry, not for you're time. Anyways what's up?" he then says to his sister Artemis (as to Athena is still at the ship [and another part of her essence manifested at the center of Athens {admiring her statue}]) You may find Delphin (God of dolphins) at Delphi (which means Dolphin Town in Greek). Apollo leeds you underground for which you venture to Thebos.

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