Raging Blast Ultimate

Raging Blast: Ultimate is a sequel to Raging Blast: 2 being made after Ultimate Tenkaichi.

(No not after Battle of Z [Why would they make a game with these mechanics when they have that.) 

Characters And TechniquesEdit


  • Explosive Wave
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Wild Sense
  • Finger Laser
  • Multi Rush

Adult GohanEdit

  • Explosive Cannon
  • Full Power Energy Blast Volley
  • Explosive Wave
  • Wild Sense
  • Super Kamehameha

Adult Gohan ssjEdit

  • Special Beam Cannon
  • Double Masenko
  • Explosive Wave
  • Wild Sense
  • Super Kamehameha

Adult Gohan ssj2Edit

  • Double Masenko
  • Full Power Energy Ball
  • Full Power
  • Afterimage
  • Super Kamehameha

​Adult GotenksEdit

  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Ghost Attack
  • False Courage
  • I'll make short of you
  • Big Tree Cannon

Adult Gotenks ssjEdit

  • Super Explosive Wave
  • Kamekame Finisher
  • Burning Kamekameha
  • Afterimage Strike
  • Universal Donut

​Adult Gotenks ssj3Edit

  • Gigantic Tree Cannon
  • Full Power Finish Buster
  • High Tension
  • 10x Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Adult Gotenks ssj4Edit

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